About the Challenge.

Register & Choose your Challenge!

Register to select your challenges! You may choose up to 5 challenges (at least 1 must be an energy related challenge) from our list of challenges or you can select your own.

Create your Profile

Once you have registered and selected your challenges, you can create a profile for yourself, upload a photo and begin to share your journey through the Carbon Challenge with other participants.

Earn Points to Win Prizes!

By logging on to your account each day, tracking your progress, interacting with other participants online, and attending optional free workshops, you will earn points (or seeds!). To see the Points Legend, click here. Prizes will be awarded every three months based on seeds accumulated over the course of the Challenge. Prizes will also be awarded for highest energy reduction achieved, and there will also be lucky draw prize winners. For more information on how to win and prizes available, click here.

Compare with Others

Compare yourself with other challengers and see how you stack up on the leaderboard!

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