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September 19, 2012 in Blog


Has anyone done any research on aeroponics? I’ve been reading a bit of it this evening and I’m intrigued… Could that be a better vege garden alternative? If the technology is available and supposedly so much more efficient, why are traditional farming methods still in use?

I fear I’m getting stuck in my rut of doing so much research to find the ‘perfect’ way to do things that I may begin to halt all progress… The perils associated with perfectionism and a love of learning!

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  1. @Taryn I have heard of aquaponics but not aeroponics. I will have to look it up. Any technology that will improve our self sufficiency is interesting.

  2. @Wombat01 have you had a chance to do any research yet? I’d love @ecoaction to organise a workshop on aeroponics!

  3. There are two main forms of aeroponics. High Pressure Aeroponics (HPA) and Low Pressure Aeroponics (LPA).

    HPA refers to aeroponics that generally is operating at pressure levels from 70psi and up. With most systems commonly operating at 100psi. These pressures are utilized to spray an ultra fine mist of nutrient solution directly at the plants root system. The ideal droplet size for your nutrient solution particles is between the 20-70 micron range with an optimal average of 50 microns. The idea in HPA is that you are to mist your plant root systems at such a cycle so that they remain saturated with ultra fine mist without allowing water droplets to form on the plant roots or letting the roots dry out. This is achieved through controlling the mist cycles through the use of solenoid valves and cycle timers down to 0.2 of a second accuracy, enabling mist cycles of 0.8 seconds on 2.5 mins off for example.

    If true HPA is achieved it is possible to increase plant growth speeds whilst reducing nutrient uptake compared to that of a plant grown using any other system.

    LPA itself is not actually aeroponics but more of a different form of NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), it is for this reason that you rarely see true HPA systems commercially available for purchase. Hope this clears it up a bit for you.

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