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Our chooks – a strange discovery!

September 21, 2012 in Blog


A strange discovery! FIVE eggs today! We have FOUR chooks and we regularly get FOUR eggs a day, including yesterday. This morning I went out to give them some scraps and I discovered FIVE eggs, three in the nesting boxes, and two on the ground. These two had paper thin shells, like a membrane; one had a yolk and the other just a clear liquid. Quite bizarre. The chooks have continual access to layer pellets which I believe have ingredients good for hard shells. My girls instantly googled it and we are wondering what the cause may be in our case… Very strange – to us, anyway… maybe it is quite common! We shall see what happens tomorrow. The dog was happy however! We had run out of food for her, so she got egg-with-paper-thin-shell for dinner. Gourmet!

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  1. @Anna21 strange indeed! I’ll be interested to hear what caused it! Will file the knowledge away for the future! :-)

  2. The soft-eggshell laying chook took a one day rest after her odd production last week and we are now getting four eggs again with normal hard shells. The chooks have extra shell grit in their food so that must be helping. Not sure what the cause was, but it was certainly odd!

  3. We have had one more day recently with a softish eggshell but in general the chooks are laying wonderfully. I am now giving them their own eggshells crushed up in any scraps we give them. So that should be helping along with extra grit added to their layer pellets. Today we got an egg weighing 99 grams! Our biggest yet!

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