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Busy-ness and Sustainability

September 21, 2012 in Blog


Since starting the Carbon Challenge in July, I have become busier and busier. I started a fulltime course at the beginning of Semester Two, and in the last two weeks have been doing a work placement too. I feel flat out at the moment – and have noticed how much harder it is to live sustainably. Gardening (my fav thing!) just is not happening… simply watering seedlings is not happening… removing recyclables accidentally put in the ordinary bin is not happening. It is harder to get to ecoaction workshops! I still hang out the washing but can imagine that the temptation to put it in the dryer might become stronger. It seems that with my extra busy-ness, my ability to think green and make sustainable decisions is slipping. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but sustainability certainly needs TIME to achieve one’s goals, and now that I have less of it, it has definitely become a lot harder!

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  1. @Anna21 what course are you doing? I’m sure it’s far more difficult to think sustainably when time is a scarce resource! I’ve ended up sick & with a sick toddler this week, so haven’t achieved anything I wanted to achieve this week! Hubby has been good about putting the food scraps in the compost for me though!!! So that makes a little difference at least!

    • @Taryn I am doing a CIT course called Learning Options for Women which is for people like me wanting to return to work after having babies etc. It’s great! Next year i will pursue more studies, working towards a Masters in ESL teaching (TESOL) as there is a post grad qual necessary for teaching ESL .

      • Ah, that sounds interesting! I’m thinking of going back to uni next year as well… after three years out of uni (I was at uni for a VERY long time) why not go do another degree… hahaha! No not really, I’m trying to work out what I want to do, what I’m passionate about and hoping to go back and do something that I’ve wanted to do for a really long time!

  2. @Anna you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself . It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. It’s good to have the support of your family. I’ve convinced my daughter to help by bringing home a bucket of coffee grounds from her work every time she has a shift. However she still has long showers. My husband is really good at putting in star pickets when i need them but gardening is not his forte. Changing habits is a long term aim in my house.

    • @Wombat Thanks for your sympathy! Re the showers, we have two teenagers and they have long showers. We found that turning down the water pressure at the mains a bit was a good way to decrease water usage. The showers are still long but at least less water is being used! We are looking forward to our next water bill and gas bill (gas hot water) to see the difference!

  3. @Wombat01 Good point, I need to stop being so hard on my family and be grateful for the small things they do.

  4. @Anna21 I’ve found that it’s more about habit than time, but forming the habit when you’ve got lots on can be tricky – I think more psychologically than anything else from my own experience. I’ve found when I’m horribly busy I’ve liked doing things like bike riding & hanging out washing because they give me some mental space when I don’t have to do anything else. I think it’s all about making it positive rather than stressful. Celebrate the wins rather than regretting the losses. Get some hardy seedlings & some will definitely survive (without the time & angst of raising seeds for a short growing season which can be more trouble that it’s worth imo). But celebrate the wins!

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