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Humble Pie

April 4, 2012 in Blog

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One of the challenges I have chosen is to reduce my food waste. I have always been quite good about this anyway, but there is room for improvement.
One benefit of this challenge I have seen already is that my usual weekly grocery shop has become a fortnightly event.

This is great for reducing my travel miles and shopping mall induced stress!

One tip I have for everyone is to buy long life milk. Personally I don’t usually like the taste but I have happened upon a great alternative. Dairy Farmers organic long life milk can be found at Coles in the long life and powdered milk section.
It tastes just like normal milk and is extra creamy – it also has the advantage of being organic. I keep one in the fridge and six more litres in the cupboard so I never have milk going off at the end of the week.

Another great thing about reducing my food waste is the fun recipes.

Here is a recipe for my mum’s Humble Pie. You can adjust the ingredients as you please and add whatever leftovers you have in the fridge.

- two cans of organic lentils (Coles)
- one can of organic chopped tomatoes (or chop your own)
- diced sweet potato, potato, celery and any other vegetables you choose to add.
- two grated zucchinis and two grated carrots.
- five large mashed potatoes
- chopped basil
- tomato sauce
- tablespoon of Vegemite
- worcestershire sauce
- grated cheddar cheese

1.Put the potatoes on to boil.
2. Mix the lentils, chopped and grated vegetables, tomatoes, sauces (to taste), basil and a table spoon of Vegemite in a bowl.
3. Spread the lightly combined mix into a large baking dish,
4. Cover with a hearty layer of mashed potato and top with cheese.
5. Bake in a moderate over for 40 minutes.

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