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Reducing our standby power

September 24, 2012 in Blog


I’m making progress, slowly but surely… this week I’ve put in a few more remote control switches to reduce our standby power usage. I need to get behind our Entertainment unit to change over the power boards to power conserving boards still though… and I might consider putting an additional remote switch on for our broadband which doesn’t really need to be on while we’re sleeping… though I might do a bit of research as to the optimal conditions for wireless routers first!

I’ve also got a couple of LED globes to try in our downlight fittings (not technically reducing standby power, but still reducing our power usage overall) to see which one suits! Slow and steady huh?! :-)

7 comments to 'Reducing our standby power'

  1. @Taryn where did you buy the switches from and how much did they cost?

  2. @Taryn what sort of downlights do you have as we would like to change all ours over to LED? Are they expensive. The last time we looked last year they were a bit pricey.

    • @Wombat01 our current down lights are not LEDs… I’m in the process of investigation. I’ve got two LED globes to try in our fittings – they’re around $35 each so not cheap!

    • I put in LED lights when I renovated. They are not cheap but when you consider that the power usage is minimal compared to the others, it is worth it. They also do not produce anywhere as much heat and have a far greater life span. Well worth it.

  3. @Swanney how do led lights differ from those squiggley fluoro ones which were all the rage for energy saving until said led ones came along?

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