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Points system

September 25, 2012 in Blog


@ecoaction Is there any way of seeing all your points? I have found it a little frustrating that you cannot see all your activity and associated points. For example for last weeks extra points challenge I was not able to see how many posts I had responded to. I thought I had done ten but then have not been allocated the bonus points.

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  1. @Stanwix you can see your points by going to your profile page (click on your username), and then by selecting the ‘points’ tab. This will show you your most recent activity, however you cannot go back further than a page. I just visited yours and it currently goes back 7 days. The period you mentioned you think you did not receive bonus points for was from 5 – 11 days ago. However on the Administration page I am able to access all past activity history – and this is how I allocate bonus points for things like posts etc. I did double check again and you only made 6 comments/posts in that period. You had made a handful of posts at the end of the previous CC week (that were attributed to the previous week) that you may be thinking were included in the week past? I understand how not being able to see a full history of your activity could be frustrating and I will ask the web developers if they can extend a user’s view into their own history. Please don’t let this be an obstacle to your participation as it’s been lovely having you as part of the current CC community. :)

  2. @ecoaction Thanks for your response. I had managed to find the points section but was hoping you could see an expanded view, because if you are writing a lot of posts or people are responding to yours you can only really see back a day or two on that page. It would be great if the developers could work on expanding the view. I will not let it deter me as I am really enjoying the carbon challenge, I just wish it went for longer!

    • Hi @stanwix – just to let you know that the web developers have expanded the history of user points that are visible… so you can now see back much further. Thanks for pointing out that limitation as it has now been fixed! :) Good luck with your last week of the Challenge! You are able to continue to engage with the Carbon Challenge beyond your 3 months, just that you will not receive any further points. Alternatively, you could sign up again under a different email address and pick another 5 challenges?! :) If you do decide to sign-up for another 3 months, be sure to do so before the end of September as sign-ups after this period will not be eligible for prizes. This is because the official Carbon Challenge will end on the 31st December.

  3. @ecoaction a second eco challenge souns like an awesome idea! Thanks for the tip!

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