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Reflections from my final week

September 26, 2012 in Blog


Well this is now my final week of the challenge. I am still excited about being involved in the challenge and feel our family has made some great progress in reducing our carbon footprint.

At the beginning I had wished that I could sign up for more than five challenges as I was interested in doing so many. Upon reflection it does actually take some time to implement changes in your household. There are many projects we are keen to implement over the coming year, so even though the challenge is almost over, my interest is still going strong.

We have successfuly become a one car family with my husband now catching the bus to work. We only wash clothes in cold water, we have made our five no dig garden beds and have planted our seedlings, we have purchased second hand items instead of buying things new and we have set up a compost bin outside and a compost pail in the kitchen. So we have successfully implemented our five challenges into our household over the 12 week challenge.

We have also replaced all our downlights with more efficient LED lights.

Projects we are still keen to do is get chickens, utilise grey water, reduce our standby power usage and draught proof our home.

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  1. @Stanwix
    Great work; well done on achieving all your goals and still wanting to implement new challenges beyond this one.

  2. @Stanwix great to see what you’ve achieved during your three month challenge and what you plan to do in the future! I’m very much like you, I wanted to choose a whole hoard of challenges in the beginning and it was difficult to narrow it down to just 5. But it has been good – it means I’m committing solidly to achieving certain goals and that’ll be a great base to build on further! Hope you achieve the rest of what you want to achieve over the next 12 months! :-)

  3. @Stanwix it’s good to see how we’ll you’ve done. I have really liked reading your blogs and comments. Good luck with rest of your projects. I too have learnt lots on this challenge and have been inspired to continue.

  4. I also have few more challenges. Would like to get more led lights fitted in my down lights and put up some more insulating curtains and awnings on our western windows. I would also love to get some chickens,so I may see you at the keeping chooks workshop.

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