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October 3, 2012 in Blog


My names Olivia and I’m 19 years old, born in the ACT, and I have two cats :) they are adorable.

I found out about the carbon challenge at the farmers markets at first, then again at old bus depo markets and decided it was finally time for me to sign up!

It was a little difficult choosing only 5 challenges, as lately (in the past year or so) I’ve already committed to alot of them, so I had to really think about it.

I’ve already adopted a Vegan lifestyle, having been Vegetarian for 2 years, and now Vegan for .. going on about 3 months now – I can’t be certain when exactly, the transition was easier than I thought it would be, and to be honest – I’ve never felt better or eaten better in my life!!

It’s a broad term but I’d like to think I’m a young activist, worldly/politically and environmentally but mostly an animal rights activist. I try to make their voices heard as loudly and bravely as I can; unless we adopt a compassionate Vegan lifestyle the world is doomed – no exaggeration there!

Living with two avid meat-lovers (not in the fuzzy happy animal loving way either) and two carbon polluters acting like the world doesn’t feel their impact – it’s been pretty hard to sway their thinking and get my voice heard in my own home.

I am an avid recycler and I compost food waste, I try to buy fresh and cook fresh so as not to waste food, and not waste-waste unthinkingly. I buy Organic where and as much as possible and I buy from farmers and support them. I wash my clothes with a full wash, cold water, grey water safe and natural washing liquid for both dishes and clothes, using natural alternatives for cleaning such as surface cleaning and window cleaning, I even buy natural shower/bathroom/toilet cleaners and natural fly spray; so basically I was a little troubled to choosing just a few challenges.

One thing I aim to do is try and get my home power sufficient, recently power bills have sky rocketed, and naturally have turned off power switches, insulated the home fittingly and only used heating and power and water as sparingly as deemed .. comfortable I suppose I could say.

So, first things first, getting that power audit ! see what’s chewing up power in my home and what I can do to reduce that.

Secondly; I don’t own or drive a car – I don’t think I will ever want to in my life time, I don’t want to be releases that much pollution willingly in my life time – no thankyou!
I own a bike, although I do live with my Boyfriend, and he does drive to the shops and short trips – so secondly; we will ride or walk short trips. Saving the pollution and our pockets!

I’ll leave it to that for now, and re-blog my process.

ex oh ex oh, olivia :) aka’sliverus!

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  1. @SliverusS Good luck with Vegan lifestyle although I don’t think you need it. My sister has been a vegan since she was about 14 and is so healthy like yourself. I’m afraid I don’t possess the discipline but I do stick with organic produce.

  2. @SilveruS looks like you’re well on your way to a successful carbon challenge and you have already committed to reducing your carbon footprint. As I have nearly finished my challenge I can say it has been well worth it. I have learnt so much so far, from the workshops, all the great people I have met and also the blogs have been full of useful information. Good luck with your challenges.

  3. @SilveruS It sounds like you are making a great effort in reducing your footprint already. I hope the Carbon Challenge gives you lots of ideas and impetus to further make changes. All the best!

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