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fertiliser tea

October 3, 2012 in Blog


Found out a couple of useful tips when making compost or worm teas. The water needs to be non-chlorinated, otherwise it will kill beneficial organisms. If you fill up your container the day before it should be reasonable neutral. It also needs to be aerated to activate microbes. I’m using an old fish tank pump with an aerator attachment. If possible, you should apply fertiliser when it isn’t sunny as a lot of microbes are UV sensitive.

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  1. Thanks – very interesting! Will bear that in mind!

  2. @Tracey I used my first batch of worm tea this week but I must try dechlorinating the water next time.

  3. Today I checked the three buckets of ‘tea’ I am making with chook poo, straw and other composty bits from the chook pen and it is definitely ‘fermenting’ well. Aerating it will be difficult but next time I can use tank water to help it rather than the tap water I used. Looking forward to using it, diluted, in a few weeks time!

  4. @Anna21 nothing like a bit of fertiliser tea, fantastic stuff. Your batch will be ready in time for warm season veggies.

  5. @Tracey Hi, when applying the fertiliser tea, can it be a foliar feed as well as around the roots? Or just around the dripline of the plants?

  6. @Anna21 Foliar feeding with fertiliser tea is great but I wouldn’t do it when the plants are stressed or when it is too hot.

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