What workshops would you like to see repeated?

October 4, 2012 in Blog


As part of the weekly challenge for BONUS points this time round, I would love to hear which of the workshops we’ve run so far you would most like to see repeated, or which ones you learned the most from or found most inspiring. Contributing to this blog will entitle you to 250 BONUS points.

This is a chance for new users to have a look over the workshops they missed and ask for the ones they want to see run again. Experienced Carbon Challengers can share their wisdom and stories about the courses which have had the most effect on them.

You can find a list of workshops under the ‘Calendar‘ section at the top of this page. Alternatively, the workshop programs for Autumn, Winter and Spring are on the Environment Centre’s website.

Offer ends midnight, Thursday 11th October.

9 comments to 'What workshops would you like to see repeated?'

  1. @ecoaction. I thought the seed workshop was marvellous, particulary if you want to save and store your seeds from your home grown produce.

  2. @ecoaction I would love to do the food co-op tour and cooking demo as I missed out on the last one.

  3. @ecoaction Some of the past workshops I’d like to do include: retrofitting for renters, seed sowing, chemical free cleaning, japanese pickling, no dig gardening.

  4. @ecoaction I would recommend any of the garden related workshops. They have helped me with planning of, and setting up my new garden. In particular the garden planning workshop and permaculture workshops where fantastic. I learnt about swales, hugelbeds, wicking pots, mulching, herb spirals, French drains, worm towers, companion planting and sustainability in the garden. Even weeds are a resource to be used and not thrown away.
    With the information in the no dig garden workshop and worm farming workshop I was able to improve my carbon challenge goals. The permaculture workshops with Cally led me to the permablitz group where volunteers help with permaculture projects in suburban gardens. What a great community resource.
    All these workshops have been inspiring and I am now a lot more confident in getting out into the garden to try all these ideas out.

  5. @ecoaction I’d love to get to some I missed, like No dig garden & seed sowing.

    I’ve loved the worm farm, composting and permaculture workshops and of course the investing in energy efficiency was brilliant too! I’ve been learning so much! I also loved the screen printing workshop! :-)

  6. Thanks for your responses so far everyone.

    Anyone who hasn’t commented on this blog yet, don’t forget that if you do you get 250 bonus points.

    I know I’d like to see the permaculture workshops run again, since I started too late for them. I’ve had a little bit to do with permaculture, but it’s not a day-to-day thing for me (unfortunately), so a refresher is always a good thing.

    You’ve got until midnight Thursday….

  7. @ecoaction I would like the food coop, worm farming and draught proofing your house.

  8. Hi, I’d love to see lots of the workshops repeated. I benefited a lot from reducing energy in one’s home; natural cleaning products; seed sowing and seedling raising; draught-proofing; the practicalities of permaculture. In fact, just about everything I went to these last 11 weeks has been fantastic!

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