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October 4, 2012 in Blog


I’ve nearly finished my challenge and have made an effort to complete all the challenges I have set myself. I have found lots that I could still do to reduce my footprint and make a difference. One thing I am still keen on is shading my west facing windows.
I have researched a few ways of doing this without spending a fortune on awnings. One way is to just cut shade cloth (the one with 90% block out) and Velcro it to the outside of the windows. This should stop the sun hitting the window at least.
There are two other products that could be used one is renshade which I found out about at an energy efficiency workshop. It is like foil which you attach to the inside of your window and it reflects the heat out. Does anyone know about this product?
The other product I have just looked up is Inflector window insulator. It can be used in summer to reduce the sun coming in, and can be reversed in winter to keep the heat in. It looks a bit like fly screen material can be installed in a similar way. Has anyone used this product?

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  1. @Wombat01 No I haven’t but if you find anything out about those products let me know; I also have a west-facing window
    which I have an awning on and two sets of curtains, but already I have noticed a lot of extra heat coming in since the weather has warmed up (used to have trees there but had to take them down a couple of months ago).

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