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Multipurposed space…

October 10, 2012 in Blog


The last couple of weeks I’ve been rather light on in my dedication to Carbon Challenge goals as we were pressing ahead with getting our study completed! I’ve been working on a hidden desk bunk bed with a friend (we started a number of months ago, but got back into it after a long break over the last month)! The hidden desk bunk bed is almost completed (bar a few touch ups and installing the slats for the top bunk (they’re cut and ready to go, but I haven’t decided if they should have a slats cover to make it look pretty – the bottom bed has a slats cover as it becomes the desk ‘wall’). Anyway, bar these little finalising things which I can manage on my own… it’s complete!!! I’m so excited! My mother came to stay and actually had a bed to sleep in that I made (with some significant assistance – but hey… emphasising my hand in this here!) I’m thrilled!!!

Once the hidden desk bunk bed was in place I was able to resize the wall shelves to fit the remaining space (not too much in that), but then I realised that resizing the old desk was a little more onerous than I first thought! But… not to be easily put off I tackled the job yesterday and succeeded!!! After building the hidden desk bunk bed as my first wood working project to speak of, why wouldn’t I be able to do a bit of narrowing on a simple desk?! ;-) But in the spirit of full disclosure I will say that there were some metal brackets holding one side onto the desk top which made the job super easy, once they were removed I could separate the top and side, shorten the top and reattach the side… a little more complex than that, but in a nut shell that’s what I did!

I’ve changed over the book shelves on the opposite wall to a deeper variety that allow better storage for toys and a desk for our young son! So the room can really begin to function mostly as a study come play room (with beds for the occassions when we do have visitors).

Overall I’m thrilled with the outcome! And although it doesn’t technically reduce our carbon footprint directly, it does allow us to make better use of the space we have and curb the need for more space (thus indirectly reducing our Carbon footprint)! Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it as I really wanted to share my excitement over this project’s completion!!! :-)

*I haven’t sorted all the ‘stuff’ back into place yet, but that will come in time! :-)

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  1. @Taryn Sounds great, it’s always satisfying to finish something you’ve made yourself

  2. Wow, @Taryn, how impressive! What great skills to have! That explains why you have been so “quiet” lately…

  3. @Taryn Your bunk bed project sounds amazing. How long in total did it take to make? Did you use recycled materials?

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