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October 10, 2012 in Blog


@Taryn @Wombat01 If you go to the blog post itself you will be able to comment as usual.

As some of you have mentioned, when a comment was made on the ‘recent activity’ page it didn’t show up on the blog itself.

We talked to the web people about fixing this, but getting the comments to link automatically would have involved a lot of work and would likely have slowed the site down quite a bit. Their solution is to stop comments from being made directly from the ‘recent activity’ page.

It’s a bit of a pain I know, but if you can go to the relevant blog and comment in there all the comments will be connected with the blog they’re made on and we’ll all be able to see everything that’s been said in response to a particular blog.

Please let me know how the change works out for you.



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  1. Hi @ecoaction, thanks for that info. I can’t seem to make comments to other people’s updates either.

  2. @Taryn I am unable to comment on your post re the compost tool. If available I would find it very useful :)

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