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My last few days of the Challenge!

October 11, 2012 in Blog


Almost at the end of the challenge. I have enjoyed it immensely! Writing about what has been happening has been a lot of fun! But I have been thrilled with all the changes we have made, both my chosen challenges, and ideas from workshops, blogs etc.

Chooks and our own eggs; a clothes line outside suitable for winter; and tap aerators have made a huge difference in cutting down our bills, our lifestyle – and most importantly reducing our footprint a little. I am looking forward to achieving more energy reductions in time, little by little! Eating seasonal and local is a goal not yet fully achieved by any stretch of the imagination. Seasonal – yes, but not so easy to be purely local. Wish we lived near a farmers’ market! We grow quite a lot of edibles already, but it is far from being enough to sustain us all. Will increase that slowly (easy – I LOVE gardening!). As for walking or cycling short trips, that is not happening at all, unless it is going for a walk for exercise. For a family of six, a quick trip to the shops is never for just one thing, and would take over an hour walking, and forty mins cycling (uphill coming back). So that is something not yet achieved but I am mindful of it… Maybe our next home will be closer to shops etc!

So with only a few Carbon Challenge days to go, thanks for the challenges, the workshops, the sharing, the achievements and the fun! It’s been a really wothwhile and enjoyable few months!

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  1. @Anna21 well done with your achievements so far and good luck with your future goals. It can’t all be done overnight, however the journey so far has been very educational and enjoyable.
    I have been trying to send a message on the Carbon Challenge site without success. If you are interested in the jostaberries I will be at the wicking pot, solar, chicken, kimchi and irrigation workshop. I can bring them on any of these days. Don’t forget there is also a plant sale at the Botanical gardens on the 20th October. Get there early if you want the best choices.

    • @Wombat01 Thank you for your encouragement. I have really enjoyed the challenges of the Challenge! Thank you also for the offer of the jostaberries. I will let you know which workshop/s I will be at. Maybe tomorrow…

    • Hi @Wombat, I have decided to go to the wicking pots workshop tomorrow and am hopefully booked in (per email)! See you tomorrow at 3pm! A jostaberry would be lovely!
      What sort of pots are used, do you know? What are you taking? A “normal” round one?
      Thanks, Anna

    • @Wombat01 Thank you so much for the jostaberries! I really appreciate them!

  2. I just wanted to add a little to my blog above about our various power bills. We received the bills a couple of weeks ago.

    Two bills, water and gas, both showed a great reduction in usage – about 20-25%! Lovely! We put this down to turning down the water pressure at the mains slightly in July. Our eldest two children are teenagers and love long showers with instant gas hot water. The less water pressure, the less water and the less gas to heat it! Great! And the kids are none the wiser!

    The third bill, electricity, appeared to show a slight reduction in usage, going by a glance at the comparative usage graph. And our usage, for a family of six (two adults, four kids aged 9-15) was less than for a household of five. Seeing that gave a great feeling of satisfaction!!

    However, and much to my dismay, upon closer inspection and comparison with last year’s electricity bill, there was a slight INCREASE in usage! Shock, horror! How could this have happened? After all these days and months of mindfully decreasing our usage in various ways! I was so disappointed and couldn’t believe it! How could this be?

    On reflection, there is one aspect of our lives quite different from a year ago: for the last few months our four children have each taken a turn at cooking dinner at night. What they cook is their choice – and the (elec) oven is used FAR more than I would use it on a normal basis (being very mindful of the expense of heating up an oven). So the mystery is solved, and my mind is at rest, and the kids can continue enhancing their cooking skills, and we shall just wear the cost!!

  3. @Anna21 Great to hear about reduction in energy bills; it is the icing on the cake as they say. Getting your children in the kitchen is worth the energy increase; teaching them invaluable skills for the future.

  4. @Anna21 I have also found documenting my journey rewarding and worthwhile. It helps concrete your learning and encourages you to think more about everything you do.

  5. @Anna21 Have you tried the farmers markets at Woden CIT? They are great!

  6. @Anna21 I have never heard of jostaberrys but they sound great. How big do the plants grow?

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