Spring things – bonus points challenge

October 11, 2012 in Blog


Now that spring is here and the clocks have changed (and despite the cold, wet weather) we’d really like to hear about your plans for spring. What are you going to do in the garden, now things are hotting up? Do you have any plans for changes to the house? Do you plan to get out and about in Canberra in carbon friendly ways (biking, busing, walking etc)?

This week, +250 BONUS POINTS will be allocated to participants who contribute their ideas to this blog.

So let everyone know what your plans are and maybe get a few ideas for Spring things to do yourself.

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  1. @ecoaction As far as getting out and about is concerned I’d like to start exploring the Canberra Centenary Trail. It’s not due to open until mid next year, but large parts of it are walkable now.

    I like the idea of a 150-odd km walking track around Canberra, and it goes through some beautiful places too, like Black Mountain and Mount Ainslie.

    You can see a map of the proposed route on the TAMS website here.


  2. Lots of spring plans! Inside we want to finish off the last child’s bedroom with a good set of curtains. We also want to finish some draught proofing – to keep the heat out now!?

    Recently my husband and a visiting friend put up the shade cloth we use over our outside eating area in summer. They also rigged up some wonderful vertical shade to keep westerly sun away from that same area. What a difference it makes even inside the house when it is warm! So, since that area is now so cool and inviting (when the sun is actually shining!!), we will be having lots of friends over for outside spring and summer meals. Looking forward to it!!

    Garden wise, my plans are…. weeding (thanks to this beautiful rain!!) and feeding the chooks with the weeds, making and using chicken-poo-and-compost tea, planting vegie seedlings and sowing some seeds I collected from last summer eg pumpkin, tomatoes, parsley, basil. I LOVE pottering in the garden and never have enough time for it, so every minute in the garden is always productive and enjoyable!

    • More plans following on from today’s workshop on wicking pots. I loved it! Such a simple effective idea! I shall start using buckets with a hole in the side about 4/5 of the way down, fill them with a good growing medium, and plant all sorts of vegies and even trees. Can’t wait!

      Today we also changed the position of the chooks’ fence, enlarging their free range area – to get rid of all the weeds there. Easier to let them do it than us! And I transplanted some precious plants, now away from the chooks!

      Am also planning to use some worm towers. Need to find some suitable “towers”. At Tiny’s Green Shed, perhaps.

      • @Anna21 How do the wicking pots in buckets work? Do you have to use a layer of geotech or similar to stop the roots growing into the sand layer, or did the wicking pots in workshop work differently?

        • @Tracey Cally showed us the simplest version and also showed us more complicated ones, some of which she called “over-engineered”. The simplest version, which I will use, is merely a cheap 79c bucket, with a hole punched in the side with the point of scissors about 4/5 of the way down. This is then filled with a good mix of soil/sand/compost – and planted with seeds, fruits, vegies, trees… many possibilities! Maybe add a little fertiliser, and water as needed. The water will moisten 30cm of the soil above it, so water at the bottom will keep the plant damp MUCH longer than a normal pot. A small piece of geotex can be used at the hole if desired.
          It was so simple and effective – really inspiring. We saw examples of her pots (buckets) and they were very successful. And SO easy!

      • @Tracey No, I don’t know of any other southside recycling places besides Tiny’s (in answer to a comment you made which I can’t reply to in the normal fashion).

    • @Anna21 I also love pottering in the garden; nature is a living palate and I can’t get enough of it!

    • Our spring plans are underway. We have planted no dig garden beds and all of our seedlings are progressing well, even the tomatoes!

      I have also been doing heaps of weeding because of all the rain. Our front garden is now looking amazing with the hebe hedge in bloom and all the irises that came up this year.

      Other spring plans involve putting up a few wooden screens around parts of our garden. And repainting our metal driveway gate!

    • @Anna21 you are planning on being very busy and productive:)

  3. @Ecoaction our veggie garden is progressing. Peas and beans have sprouted and. I have flowers on my strawberries. Indoors my tomatoes, marigolds, basil, bok choy, zucchini, and rocket are all ready to plant out. I am just waiting a couple more weeks for it to warm up a bit more. The no dig garden is ready and waiting. The front garden is looking good to. I still need a garden path and a few more natives. We still have 2 cubic metres of Canberra organic mulch to spread to reduce the water use and stop the weeds. Finally, after the wicking pot workshop I would like to convert all my pot plants to wicking pots and possible start a berry garden with wicking beds.

  4. @Wombat01 nearly time to plant out our summer goodies:)
    Mine have nearly outgrown the pots I grew them in.

  5. @Shell I don’t think anyone likes working outside in the middle of Summer – I am at least twice as productive at this time of year before it gets too hot.

  6. Definately hoping to get out and about on our bikes up to the shops and perhaps to work :)
    Im getting a free standing garden bed next month so already planning on what to plant in that :) lots of veggies i hope!
    Also planning on buying a few window stops/locks so that I can leave my windows open during the day but only a little :) so that my house can remain cool.

  7. @Nic_Jess Lucky you! Raised beds are great, especially if you don’t have much top soil in your garden.

  8. Yeah its all clay. Thus the need!

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