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wicking pots

November 14, 2012 in Blog


My wicking pots are performing as well, if not better than I had hoped; I only need to re-fill them every 1.5 weeks at the moment, as apposed to every third day, which is how often I was watering before converting said pots. Now I figure I can have twice as many pots that I use half the amount of water and time looking after them:)

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  1. Hi @Tracey. How much soil does a wicking pot keep damp? I’ve heard that it works for about a foot (or 30cm), are you finding that holds true?

  2. @Mark One of my wicking pots is an old galvanised garbage bin, which is about 600mm high. So far it has been keeping the surface moist, see how it goes when the weather heats up.

  3. Thanks @Tracey, that sounds like it works a treat. We’ve got the sand now and we’re looking at using some old self-watering troughs (once the lettuce is finished). But we’ve got an old bucket too, and some spare tomato and basil plants. Perfect.

  4. Thanks @Tracey, I’ll let you know how we go. But what will life be like without having to get up early to do the watering? Imagine having to spend the time pottering in the garden instead: terrible ;-)

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