plans for reducing my carbon footprint this holiday season:

November 21, 2012 in Blog


1) Re-use old wrapping paper and kids artworks for gift wrapping
2) Children to make a christmas gift for grandparents
3) Send a Christmas email instead of Christmas cards
4) Look at useful gift ideas
5) Go through the childrens clothes and toys before Christmas and donate those no longer needed to chartiy
6) Plan menu to reduce food wate

This is my first week at the carbon challage so please feel free to offer any suggestions :)

4 comments to 'plans for reducing my carbon footprint this holiday season:'

  1. Hi @quietpurpletiger, those all sound like good ideas. I particularly like using kids’ artworks as wrapping paper. Hand-made wrapping paper, maybe even signed by the artists themselves. How good would that be?

  2. @quietpurpletiger I like number 5. Not that we’ve got kids, but there’s tons of stuff that’s been in our garage for far too long. It’s high time that some of it found a more appreciative home.

  3. @boobok I’ve started a massive declutter, nothing is safe LOL

    Just found freecycles and it’s fantastic for finding things a new home. I’ve also donate a look of things to charities :)

  4. @quietpurpletiger we’re still working on the declutter, though I have got rid of a few boxes of ancient stuff. And, what-do-you-know? there was a workbench underneath them! It’s amazing what you find if you go looking :-)

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