A very sustainable Christmas

November 21, 2012 in Blog


Hi all,

The festive season is fast approaching, and I’m sure many of you are starting to make plans. This time of year there are loads of opportunities to take a more sustainable approach to the festivities, from buying recycled, fair trade or locally-made gifts to buying food locally or organically, or making or growing it yourself of course.

Will you be making any changes in what you do for this year’s holidays? And has doing the Carbon Challenge made any difference to how you will celebrate the festive season?

Well, I’m just reminding you that this week, as a special incentive, there are 350 bonus points up for grabs for everyone who tells us about their festive plans.

But be quick! This offer ends ad Midnight tomorrow! (at which point it’ll turn into a pumpkin… or something like that)

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  1. We’ll be sourcing a tree from among the pots in the garden. It won’t be a conifer (an olive perhaps, or maybe our bay tree or blueberry), but when it’s done its job we’ll put it back and enjoy it outdoors. Until midwinter that is, when it’ll come inside again for a bit of a holiday.

    …and we’ll shopping at the Eco Elves Night Market of course :-)

  2. We have had a live Christmas tree for many years now. It has turned into a Bonsai. I think its a spruce tree. We don’t keep it for too long indoors though.

  3. @Wombat01 I have a dwarf native conifer as a potted Christmas tree too; it’s great having a living tree to enjoy without throwing it out at the end of the Christmas season.

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