Ready, Steady… GO!

December 5, 2012 in Blog

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Day One

Progress report:

Thinking about what a Home Energy Audit might reveal! I know about the draughts, window coverings and insulation issues already. The Energy Efficiency Rating is only 1 so there will be a lot to learn.
The only way is up!

Thinking about my personal challenge of making presents instead of buying them, and wrapping them in an eco friendly way. I have lots of materials on hand, and expect that I will only have to purchase things like sewing cotton.
I will make things that will potentially reduce the carbon footprint of the recipient. I can see all of my special people ending up with herb gardens, shopping totes and frog ponds for Christmas this year!

Looking at what has to be done to improve our window insulation. Every single window covering in our house needs either replacing or some serious work – pelmets/hemming/changing brackets.

Thinking about what I have to barter at the Letts market. My father-in-law John belongs to one in Adelaide, so I know how they work and he took us to have a look around. His speciality is Reiki!

1 comment to 'Ready, Steady… GO!'

  1. Hi @skybluesusan, I was wondering if you have had the home energy audit and if so how it went. We’re thinking of having one too, to see what else we can do to make the house cooler in summer/hotter in winter, so I’d be interested to hear what sort of things they suggested.

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