December 5, 2012 in Blog

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Day 2.

I was Eco all day, in every way! Wrapped Rosy dog’s leavings in newspaper, switched off all not necessary appliances to reduced standby wastage (eg. standing lamp in living room.

Today I went to the Electric Car Festival. Lots of good information and ideas there on reducing the size of my c-feet* It was fantastic! More on that later…

Looking at scraps of fabric for presents, finding thread that matches curtain material and towards improving energy efficiency, ACTEW has a special deal for stopping wastage of electricity on standby. Also thinking more about Letts – maybe my barter could be writing poems? resumes?? love letters??? poison pen letters???? Now, teaching sewing and crafts… Perfect!

*carbon feet

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  1. Hi @Skybluesusan Wow! Definitely a more sustainable day. I’d be interested to know what you thought about the electric cars. Do you think they’ll be a reasonable option any time soon? And did they mention anything about car-sharing, like they do in Sydney and Melbourne?

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