Plotting and planning…

December 5, 2012 in Blog


Still thinking about each of my challenges. Very early days, so lots of thinking is good.

A great deal has come out of the Electric Car Festival, in terms of new information, approaches, resources and tools. I collected brochures from all of the stalls, and spoke with as many people as I could, so lots of reading to do in days to come about energy efficiency towards my challenge.

A beautiful day today, a bit cooler. I had a good look at the curtain brackets, fabric remnants and ready to start taking steps towards Letts-ing next week…

All the best to you all for your challenges, Susan

Everything is coming along nicely. I will

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  1. @Skybluesusan I agree about the great weather. I had thought that summer was here for good, so the break back to cooler weather is very welcome. The garden likes it too, although I’m not sure what some of the summer veg thought about the near-freezing temperatures last night…

  2. Hi @Skybluesusan, that’s an amazing lot of things you’re doing. You’ve made a great start to the Carbon Challenge. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the electric cars too.

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