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89/90 days

December 10, 2012 in Blog


So I was just starting to get into the swing of things here when I did a complete disappearing act at about week 4 or 5 and before I knew it my 12 week email appeared in my inbox. I do have an excuse – as it turned out, the12 weeks of my carbon challenge coincided almost perfectly with my first 12 weeks of pregnancy. And so for the last few weeks I’ve barely been able to muster the energy to feed and water myself much less to keep up to date with internet happenings.

Luckily I got off to a fairly good start with one of my challenges and managed to achieve it – while failing dismally at the other… I only set two challenges at the beginning because I wanted to focus on two things that were really bothering me about my lifestyle:
1. I hadn’t gotten around to establishing a vegetable garden and
2. my former daily cycling habit had completely broken down over the cold winter (and a move to an outer suburb).

The vege garden is as established as it will ever be (we’re only housesitting here for 7 months) and we’re harvesting plenty of zucchinis, snow peas and herbs with tomatoes, pumpkin, potatoes and some other bits and pieces shaping up well. The carbon challenge and the inspiration from the permaculture workshops really helped to get me started on this (which was great as I wouldn’t have found the energy just a few weeks later).

The cycling – well that was a massive fail. I started out ok, not brilliantly, but ok. It turns out that cycling 1 hour each way without a good route of connected bike paths and lanes is quite a lot harder to manage than the lovely 30 minute all-bike-path route I used to have. I found it took more effort and planning and was generally more restrictive because I needed to time my run to get home in daylight (dark bike paths in quiet suburbs were scary and randomly terminating bike lanes in 80km traffic is also not much fun at night!) And I had to deal with some fairly aggressive drivers as well which was disappointing. I hadn’t given up though, I really hadn’t – then the morning sickness hit and I had no hope of doing anything that physical and actually went backwards by driving every day instead of taking the bus! Now that I have some energy back I am getting back on my bike this weekend and plan to start cycling at least for my occasional short trips to the shops. I have just seen that I missed the Car-free in Canberra workshop which is a shame as I was really keen to get to that one. I find my dependence on cars when in Canberra one of the hugely frustrating things about living here.

I guess the good news is that I did, in my initial burst of energy, also get chooks and they are now completely integrated into our backyard and our life. I hope we can take them with us when we move on!

The solar oven plans fell by the wayside (but will be resurrected, at some point!)

Most of my sustainability life changes are now quite focused on our upcoming big life change – I have managed to get some second hand cloth nappies (very early but they were too good a bargain to pass up) as well as a few other second hand odds and ends from generous freecyclers. And I’m reading a great little book called sustainable baby which is full of great ideas especially for homemade / upcycled clothes and toys.

Thanks for reading, anyone who has followed this far. I felt the need to finish this with something and also to explain my disappearance! Good luck to everyone with their challenges. I’m keen to start getting to some more workshops and being a bit more active again!

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  1. Hi @Pod I’m glad to hear your veggie garden is going well. You’re doing really well to be harvesting zucchinis at this time of year, ours barely have flowers yet.

  2. Hi @Pod it’s good to have you back. And I agree, you have a good excuse for disappearing – not that you need an excuse of course.

    It’s a pity you missed the car-less in Canberra workshop, it went really well. The people who ran it have been living in Canberra without a car for over a decade and they had some really good tips; as well as some interesting numbers on how much you save if you can live without a car (about $100 a week apparently).

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