What is your biggest achievement so far?

December 10, 2012 in Blog


What is your biggest achievement so far?

I am a stay at home mum at the moment so for me, it has been that I have switch to cloth nappies instead of using disposables. After 2 weeks I have already noticed how little waste we have in the garbage bin. At first I wasn’t sure about the switch but now I have found that it fits in with our lifestyle. I am also using soapnuts to wash with.

So what is your biggest achievement so far?

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  1. Hi @Quietpurpletiger. I was just wondering how the soapnuts are working out. Do they really work?

    We’ve been looking at them for a while but it seems so different to what we normally use that we’ve not given them a try. We use white vinegar as a fabric softener, so it would be great to switch to something better for all our washing.

    • Hey @Boobok :)
      Hmmm I’d like to be able to say that I love them but I don’t :( They didn’t seem to clean the kids clothes or nappies well at all. I do wash in cold water though and have been told they are better if you use hot water or soak them in hot water first. Alot of people love them but they just aren’t work for us.
      I got a sample size bag which is good if you wanted to try them, I think it was only a few dollars.

  2. Thanks @quietpurpletiger, I wondered. I guess we’ll try a sample bag. We bought a new washing machine not long ago, water efficient and whatnot, only to find when we got it home that it only uses water from the hot tap and it won’t wash anything cooler than 30 degrees! So much for advances in technology, we should have stuck with an old- outdated machine.

    Still the soapnuts might work…

  3. @Boobok – wow really, I thought all machines these days used cold water as well :(

    One bonus to the soap nuts I found was that they did make the towels really soft :)

  4. Did you give them a try @Boobok? :)

  5. Ah, yes. Thanks for reminding me @quietpurpletiger, I’d forgotten about soap nuts. We’re off in the direction of Mountain Creek Whole Foods this afternoon, maybe I’ll be able to pick some up there.

    Going back to your original post, I think my biggest achievement is putting in a water tank. I’ve been meaning to do it for years but never got around to it. It wasn’t one of my official challenges, but I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t been doing the Carbon Challenge, so I guess it sort-of counts.

  6. Hey @Boobok,
    I have never heard of Mountain Creek Whole Foods so I just googled it. I am so making my hubby take me out there tomorrow. Have to say I never really go to that side of town so didn’t even know it was there!!

    Excellent, we have a water tank :) I have found I am doing lots of other things too that weren’t part of my challanges. My veggie and herb garden wasn’t but now I love it :)

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