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Chemicals in Food Production

April 17, 2012 in Blog

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I have been exploring information about food additives and chemicals in Australia.

There are four main chemicals added to Australian food products:
1. Herbicides – to prevent weed growths.
2. Pesticides – to prevent insect and parasite infestation
3. Growth promotants – such as super phosophate.
4. Fungicides – to prevent the growth of fungi

As per my previous posts some foods have many more chemicals applied than others. This is true for location too. Most of what I have read indicates that in the US the use of chemicals on food crops is much greater than in Australia.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand encourage Good Food Practices regarding the application of chemicals. This doesn’t mean the food you eat doesn’t still contain unsafe levels of food chemicals.

I have added a link on the links page for Food Standards Australia and New Zealand that explains the chemicals in greater detail.

Organic food is expensive – and growing enough in your own garden to food your family is not always possible.
But there is plenty you can do!
- Buy from local producers at the markets, even if they use chemicals they may use less than mass producers.
- Buy foods that are known include fewer chemicals in the production process.
- Wash food thoroughly and peel foods when possible. Although it is said that the most nutrients in fruit like apples is contained in the skin.

While it all sounds a little scary I think it is nothing to worry about provided we take the right precautions and encourage practices and producers that provide organic foods.

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