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December 28, 2012 in Blog

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Although it’s not one of our registered challenges, we managed to put up a new retractable clothesline outside yesterday!
Well, I say we but really, it was all due to the lovely Chris, who dug the big hold to put the metal pole in, moved the dirt back in the hole once the pole was in, who measured, who swore, who adjusted the tension and height of the clothesline, in 30 degree heat.
The reason I did not register this challenge was because a tree fell on our clothesline a year or two back, but it was still usable, if a bit of an eyesore, until in a fit of cleaning we ripped it down, very happy with ourselves, until we realised that we needed a new one to put in unless we wanted to wash everything through the dryer (which is NOT an option we want to take).
But, here we have it, new clothesline, we’ve only had meat three times this week at home, so our challenges are moving along nicely.

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