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Hot weather

January 3, 2013 in Blog


Hi @Lolo, it sounds like you’ve been busy this holiday. Are the solar curtain liners helping in the hot weather?

I put a heat vent into our pergola roof not long ago. No vents meant that there was no way for hot air to escape from it, so the air just sat there. Great in winter, horrible in summer. Now our deck can breathe in summer and the vent can be closed in winter.

I think it’s made a difference, but sometimes it takes a while to be sure.

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  1. When I opened the curtains, the window was still warm behind the foil, even tho the sun had moved around, so I guess that indicates the foil has reflected some heat back to the window. Other windows are shaded more effectively by grapevines & trees.
    I plan to borrow again, the energy kit from the ACT public library. It includes a thermometer to aim like a pistol at various surfaces including curtains.

  2. Hi @Lolo, I’m glad to hear that it’s made a difference. That thermometer sounds useful. Our curtains have heat block on them and it’s often hotter behind them. It’d be great to know what the difference is.

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