Wicking Bed

January 5, 2013 in Blog


I dont know if I have done something wrong in building my first wicking bed. The veges just aren’t growing as I thought they would have by now, and I’m still having to give top up waterings at the moment, especially with this heat. Good thing I’m booking into the Wicking Pots workshop.

I’m not prepared to pull bed number 1 apart and start over, too much work.

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  1. @ScrappyKat, I’ve only done one wicking pot (in an old bucket), but it’s needing more water than I’d have thought too. I guess the weather isn’t helping, but I think I leave it too long, until the plants are obviously stressed, before watering because I expect it to look after itself. And by then it takes the tomatoes and the basil a while to recover.

    Maybe it’s just something I need to get used to…

  2. I have a wicking pot and I found it regularly needed topping up and I was growing lettuce in it. The first few days I watered it from the top as well as the bottom. I have dss watering the vege patch for 5 minutes every day at the moment, hoping to save my veges from this heat.

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