Tomatoes and strawberries

January 7, 2013 in Blog


Hi @MinnieMouse2012, I’m afraid you can’t change your challenges once you’ve chosen them. But if you want to make tomatoes one of your challenges, that’s fine. I’m sure we’ll all be happy to hear about them. And since the challenges you choose don’t have any effect on your points, it won’t stop you from moving up the leaderboard.

I’m glad to hear that the lemon balm and parsley are doing well. And on the subject of strawberries, you’re not alone; I’ve got some at home and they’ve hardly produced anything this year.

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  1. Bad news: I had about 80 little tomatoes on my plants, all still green but ready to be harvested within the next two weeks. My neighbour above us decided to dispose his dirty cleaning water down his balcony on our terrace. It wsa bleach and the whole lot landed on the plants. All dead now. I was devastated! Bleach! Pure chlorine! Basically acid! Th estarwberries were spared though and after a little bit of fertiliser becoming greener leaves again. My hopes are still up! :)

  2. @MinnieMouse2012 that’s terrible.

    Well, there’s one neighbour who’s not getting any strawberries, or anything else from your garden. What an idiot.

    I suppose you’ve had a word with the building manager or whatever, to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Because if that stuff had landed on someone it would have been nasty.

  3. @MinnieMouse – Thats really not cool :(

    My tomatoes are coming along nicely (my first try at growing anything) I’m sure we will be have more then needed so I’m happy to share with you :) :)

  4. @MinnieMouse some people have a problem seeing beyond the end of their own nose (or patio in this case) obviously.

    The bleach will have killed a lot of the good bugs in your soil too. You can inoculate the contaminated soil with some soil that didn’t get hit which should help if you grow other things in it.

    I hope your strawberries are recovering now. If you’re a tea or coffee drinker you can add tea leaves to help them along. Just don’t let them touch the young leaves.

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