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January 10, 2013 in Blog


Hello again,

If you’re wondering how you can climb the leaderboard, have a look at the list of points that you can earn below:

100 Register for the Carbon Challenge
100 Upload Avatar to Profile
50 Invite a Friend
250 Invited Friend Registers
500 Upload 2011 Electricity Bill
500 Upload 2012 Electricity Bill
250 Attend a Workshop
And writing or commenting on a blog will net you 50 points

And don’t forget our weekly bonus point offer too. This week, we’re offering +250 points to everyone who opens a new blog AND +250 points for anyone who comments on a blog. That’s +500 points up for grabs!

Which just goes to show that with bonus points, workshops and electricity bills you too can quickly climb the leaderboard.

8 comments to 'How to gain points'

  1. Hi @Ecoaction,
    Just wondering when you upload your electricty bill is it just you guys that see it or is it everyone doing the Carbon Challenge? :)

  2. Hi @quietpurpletiger. We are the only ones who will see your electricity bills (and actually, it’ll most likely only be me who sees them).

    The only information we use is the difference in energy use from one year to the next. And there will be no way to identify anyone from energy use figures alone.

    We want to use the information to convince people that things like the Carbon Challenge make a real difference to people’s energy use.

    We ask you to upload the bills, rather than just asking you to tell us how your energy use has changed, so we can be sure the figures are accurate; which makes the argument all the more convincing.

  3. Thank you @ecoaction

    I will upload mine tomorrow then :)

  4. Hey @Ecoaction.
    Finally got around to uploading our bills, talk about cutting it fine. Can you let me know if they didn’t upload?

    You will notice a change in the bills. We got solar pannels and also had roller shutters installed on the windows :)

  5. Hi @quietpurpletiger

    I’m glad you asked, because I can’t find any record of your bills being uploaded. The system would normally add the points automatically and also send me an email, but it’s done neither.

    The system probably won’t let you upload your bills now (your 90 days were up yesterday), so can you please send them to me at and I’ll add the points manually.

    Please let me know if you have any more problems.

  6. Thanks @Ecoaction. It did take along time to upload but did say they uploaded…

    I will email you :)

  7. Just comfirming I have emailed them to you @Ecoaction :)

  8. Thanks @quietpurpletiger, electricity bills received all safe and sound. That’s a final 500 points to your total.

    Congratulations on finishing the Carbon Challenge. I hope it you found it useful. It’s been great to have you here.

    Please feel free to keep on using the site, or, if you like, you can sign up again using a different login and go after those points again.

    Have fun…

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