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Oh my goodness, what great courses coming up. My darling husband will be wondering who I am over the next few Saturdays. I’ve booked into the Wicking Pots class, and the 3 permaculture courses. And at such a fantastic price.

My wicking bed is moving along quite slowly, but I’ve been told its because of the heat, but my corn plants seem to be enjoying the heat, they have doubled in height. I lost a few plants while I was on holiday last week, but more than 50% survived. I had my son house sitting and plant sitting, but he did forget my pot with the chillies and parsley in them, they dont look so good. What can you expect?

So off to the nursery I’ll go and replant in my gaps.

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  1. I’m going along to two of the permaculture ones too (I can’t make the middle one, d’oh!). I keep on reading bits about permaculture, but it’ll be great to learn more about it and how we can make it work in our garden.

    And cheesemaking sounds good too, and beer brewing. Hmmm, sounds like I might be spending some time at the Environment Centre too.

  2. Hi @SRiver. If you put ‘@username’ somewhere in your post (eg. @ScrappyKat or @SRiver) then that person will get an email letting them know that you’ve commented on their post.

    It’s a good way of letting people know that you’re talking to them. And it can help to keep a conversation going.

    As far as workshops go, I want to get to the permaculture ones as well. I went to a weekend thing a couple of years ago and that was fascinating. Ever since then I’ve wanted to learn more about permaculture, and this looks like the perfect opportunity.

  3. Oh, okay, thanks @Boobok. I think I remember reading something about that in my Carbon Challenge email now that you mention it.

    See you at the permaculture courses.

  4. See you at the Permaculture courses @SRiver, I’m looking forward to them

  5. Hi @ScrappyKat our garden’s suffering from the heat too, but since we haven’t been away on holiday we’ve been able to keep a close eye on it so it’s not doing as bad as it might – though we lost all our early cucumbers. We’ve just started picking tomatoes and if it stays hot and dry there should be plenty more to come.

  6. Hi @Ecoaction, I was just wondering if we need to bring anything along to the courses.

  7. @SRiver, will I be seeing you at the course tomorrow? I’m really looking forward to it.

  8. Hi @ScrappyKat, I couldn’t make the workshop, and I can’t make this weekend’s either, but I’m hoping to get to the one on zones in permaculture. I’d have liked to have gone to them all, but I’ve read books on permaculture so I’m hoping I won’t be out of my depth.

  9. Hi @SRiver, The course on Saturday was terrific. Cally is so easy to listen too. There were quite a few people who had turned up. I’m really looking forward to going to this weeks session, its a great way to unwind after the week.

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