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Freezer Defrosted

January 22, 2013 in Blog


our extra, and not-been-actually-used-in-years freezer has been turned off for over two weeks, and is now ready to be given to a sister-in-law in need! so thats a whole appliance almost gone. Next step is to count how many globes we have in the house to figure out how many LED bulbs we will need to buy. Apparently finding LEDs with bayonet fittings are a bit hard to find, but Mum has found some online so we are pretty much good to go.
Next post I’ll be putting up some of the vegetarian recipes we’ve been trying over the past few weeks!

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  1. Hi @klv9 congratulations on getting rid of the redundant freezer. That should make a real impact on your power use.

    I’m looking forward to the vegetarian recipes too. I’ll have to look up our mozarella salad and pesto recipes; if our tomatoes and basil keep growing okay we’ll need them soon.

  2. Thanks @Boobok – I’m putting up a zucchini pasta and pesto recipe next, so hopefully you have lots of basil!

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