Shade for my vege patch

January 24, 2013 in Blog


I’ve really been having problems with the hot sun frying my vege’s in my wicking bed, and finally out of desperation I worked something out yesterday.

I pulled the old plastic outdoor table from under the weeds, popped it over on the northside of the bed, and put my deck umbrella in it so it would stand up. I attached an old sheet onto the umbrella and the other side of the umbrella was attached to my poles for my tomatoes to climb.

What a difference! My plants are suddenly growing, the soil isn’t drying out as fast, and the plants are still getting enough sun.

I made a similar set up for my strawberry patch off our back porch. My plants are so much happier.

2 comments to 'Shade for my vege patch'

  1. what a good idea @scrappyKat!

    I think my strawberries have been getting to much sun :( They haven’t been growing well and the few that have the birds nicked :(

  2. @quietpurpletiger, my strawberries haven’t done so well either. I think they need a wicking pot…lol.

    I’ve put my shade up again today, its already so hot. I hope the family thinks to take it all down if it rains, and brings in the washing. I’m off to my course again this afternoon, and wont be home to do it myself.

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