Reducing food waste – what do you do?

January 28, 2013 in Blog


Just wondering what others are doing to reduce food waste? I would love some more ideas please :)

This it what I have been doing:
- menu planning
- turning leftovers into new meals
- freezing leftovers, my herbs and excess foods that freeze well
- stewing over ripe fruit or making into baby food
- Buy less and making more things at home
- Having fresh fruit delivered now. I can’t believe how much longer it lasts compeared to fruit from the supermarket :)

3 comments to 'Reducing food waste – what do you do?'

  1. Hi @quietpurpletiger we get our veg delivered too. It’s good because it means that we use what’s there, rather than going out and buying something to fit this or that recipe. And what’s available tends to be more seasonal, so we’re eating what’s in plentiful supply.

    We’ve also started cooking meals for the week ahead, which works well for us because, if there’s already meals around, we tend to eat those rather than go and buy something at lunchtime. And it means we eat healthier too.

  2. That is a good idea @SRiver. I might give that ago this week. I have been menu planning for the week but making meals for the coming week is a good idea. Thank you :)

  3. I always buy less than I think I need. I also get pretty creative when turning leftovers into new meals! As a last resort, I use my worm bin.

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