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Mozzarella salad

February 6, 2013 in Blog


Hi, you probably all know this one, but our favorite summer treat has got to be Mozarella salad. It’s really simple, takes about ten minutes.

A couple of large, salad-type tomatoes (we use Brandywines, but any of the big ones will do – but really and garden grown tomato will be good)
Lots of basil, the more the better
Olive oil – preferably good tasty stuff

Slice the tomatoes thinly and do the same to the Mozarella. Lay a slice of tomato in a shallow serving dish. Tear off a bit of basil or two and put it on top of the tomato, then put some Mozarella on top and more basil on top of that. Put some tomato on top of the Mozarella and basil on top of that and keep going until you fill up the dish or run out of something. Drizzle olive oil over it all and leave for a half hour for the flavors to mingle.

The better the tomato the better this will taste. on a hot day with a really good, sweet tomato it tastes incredible.

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  1. @Apples, I bet that would taste great with some toasted italian bread rubbed with a little garlic.

  2. What a great idea @ScrappyKat! Tomato and Mozarella bruschetta – we’ll definitely be trying that this year.

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