Asian greens

February 10, 2013 in Blog


I have some seeds for asian greens, bok choy etc. Now, should I plant them in seedling containers and transplant, or should I direct seed?

Also, if I direct seed, can I plant them amongst the bush beans I have growing at the moment? they are about a hand high at the moment.

I’m so excited about all the fresh veg I’ll have to eat over the next few months.

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  1. Hi @ScrappyKat.

    As long as the greens are in something where Cabbage White butterflies can’t get to them – either in a pot or in the ground – they should be fine.

    I’d suggest putting them in seedling containers and putting the containers under some sort of butterfly-proof cover. Perhaps out of direct sun too, so they don’t fry on a hot day.

    Cabbage Whites will go for any of the brassica family,not just cabbages, and they won’t start dying off until there’s a couple of good frosts. So at this time of year your asian greens will need protecting or you’ll likely just be providing caterpillar food.

  2. Hello again @ScrappyKat, I missed your question about beans. Beans and brassicas are good companion plants, so they should be fine, but the bush beans will grow quite a bit more, so you need to be sure there’s enough space between them so that the greens get enough light.

  3. Thanks @Apples. I’m going to try some sort of netting set up to protect them. I have them protected and in a wicking pot set up so they don’t dehydrate.

    I’m hoping to get another bed built before planting out my seedlings which will be 2m x 1m. I’ll use some sort of hoop set up and use a fine net to protect them. The idea is to be able to use the same set up to use a plastic cloche in the middle of winter.

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