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Last week

February 13, 2013 in Blog


Hi @quietpurpletiger, we’ll all miss you around here. It’s going to be quiet (and less purple) without you :-)

it’s my last week next week too, and I’m thinking about what I’ve managed to do. I’ll keep everyone in suspense a week longer about that; but I wondered how the carbon challenge went for you. You certainly seemed to always be doing something exciting…

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  1. haha thanks @Boobok :)

    I have really enjoyed it and we’ve made some big changes that are here to stay. I would have never thought that I’d have my baby in cloth nappies ever!!

    And I am so proud of my veggie and herb garden. More so because my husband teased me that I can’t grow anything. I remind him of that when he’s eatting one of my delicious tomatoes :)

    Hope you enjoyed your challenge? I’ll be looking forward to your update :)

  2. Oh and just to add, my only disappointment was that lack of support from family and friends. I failed to get anyone to sign up :(

  3. @quietpurpletiger, my husband teased me too that I cant grow anything. But what do you know, we have been eating tomatoes too and have some lovely food growing

  4. Good on you both @quietpurpletiger and @ScrappyKat . I’m glad you proved that you can grow things, and be good at it too – as well as sharing the benefits around with your family. And horray for tomatoes too :-)

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