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February 16, 2013 in Blog


So for the last 3 Saturdays I have been taking time out to go to an Introduction to Permaculture course at the environment centre. What a fantastic time I’ve had. I’ve made 2 new friends, and learned lots. Cally surprised me with our block to plan today in the design part of the course, which was lots of fun.

I highly recommend the course, and suggest you go for the 3 weeks when the course is on again next.

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  1. Hi @ScrappyKat I’m sorry I never got to the permaculture courses. It sounds like I missed something really good.

    My excuse for last weekend was that I was wrestling with tomatoes. A native rat had taken a liking to them so we had to enclose them completely in chook wire or lose the lot. It’s not easy to ‘rodent’-proof anything so it took a long time. Seems to be working so far but rats, native or not, aren’t known for giving up easily, so we’ll see.

  2. Hi @ScrappyKat, I would have loved to go to the permaculture workshops! I’m glad you enjoyed them.

    Unfortunately my last 3 Saturdays have been completely off the table. I will definitely go the next time they are offered.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Hi @ScrappyKat the permaculture courses sound really interesting. I’ve heard a bit about permaculture, but I don’t know very much; what would you say was the best thing about the courses themselves?

  4. Well the instructor made it really easy to understand, she’s great, with a lot of hands on experience. It’s aimed mostly at using permaculture in the standard neighbourhood block, and on the last class you get to use what you have learned to plan out a block.

    The information is great as a starting block if you want to continue on to doing a full PDC

  5. Hi @ScrappyKat , that sounds really good. Especially planning out a block. We’ve only got a really small garden, but I’ve heard that you can apply permaculture principles even in a courtyard.

    I’d love to put in a herb spiral – do you have any plans to change your garden as a result of the permaculture course?

  6. I had gone in with the intention of using the ideas in planning my garden, as we are in the process of over hauling it to produce food for my family. So I’m working on lots of plans.

  7. Hi @ScrappyKat

    All those plans sound great. Winter’s a great time for overhauling gardens, since they mostly go to sleep then. So by next Spring you can have the beginnings of something really special.

    Good luck!

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