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Last day thoughts

February 20, 2013 in Blog


Hi everyone,

Today’s the last day of my Carbon Challenge. So, as promised last week, here’re my thoughts on how it went…

I did the wicking garden, well a wicking bucket actually: tomatoes and basil. In truth, it hasn’t been very successful. Mainly, I think, because it’s sitting out on the deck in the sun and the weather’s been so hot it’s dried everything out. I’ll try again as soon as the tomatoes have finished.

We’ve been more successful buying second hand, going to places like the Green Shed and the Salvos; it’s amazing what you can find for not much just by having a bit of a poke around.

I haven’t got around to finding temporary insulation for our windows, but I did put in a rainwater tank, which has been great, although we’ve not had much rain this summer. We were using dustbins before, so you can imagine the difference a proper tank makes.

So, three out of five’s not bad. And there’s all the other things we did too that we wouldn’t have done otherwise – like trying banana pancakes and zucchini pasta. Yum!

Overall, the Carbon Challenge has helped me to get some stuff done that’s been on my list of things for ages. But the best thing has probably been logging on here and getting inspired by all the amazing things everyone is doing and talking about.

Oh, and I learned that the right way to spell Boobook Owl isn’t ‘Boobok’… :-)

Good luck to you all in your Challenges, it’s been fun.


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  1. Hi @Boobok we’re sorry to see you go. I’m glad to hear that you got a lot out of the Challenge.

    We’ve tried the banana pancakes too (thanks @SRiver for the recipe), they were great. We want to try them with pumpkin soon and see how that works.

  2. Hi @boobok did you know that there’re about 20 different common names for the Boobook Owl (it must be true, I read it on Wikipedia :-) ), so I don’t think one more will be a problem. From now on I’m going to call it a Boobok Owl in your honour :-)

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