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February 21, 2013 in Blog


Hi @Marg51510 they sound like good challenges. I can tell from that list of veggies that your garden is going well, but how are you doing with the other ones?

As far as mine go, I’ve started using the library again after being away for almost 20 years. I’m an avid reader and I’ve been buying all my books since I stopped going to the library. I’m sure I’ve saved heaps already and it’ll be so much more if I keep using the library.

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  1. Hi @Marg51510 and @Apples

    We’ve been eating more seasonally and locally (which is one of my Challenges), mainly by eating more veg and getting our veg delivered – which means that each week we choose what gets delivered, and we usually choose what’s in season because it’s cheaper. We’ve also been shopping at Choku Bai Jo and the local markets – which tends to mean that our food has traveled less far.

  2. Another challenge was to shade windows – the bedroom that gets the morning sun now has a blockout blind and it is amazing just how much heat it keeps out on the hot days.

    Getting there…….

  3. Hi @Marg51510 I’m glad to hear that the blockout blind is making a difference. Does that mean that the bedroom gets a lot of sun in winter?

    Our lounge faces the sun too. There’s a pergola that stops the sun from hitting the windows in summer but lets the sun shine in at winter. It’s amazing how far into the house the sunshine reaches, and how much of a difference it makes when it’s a sunny winter’s day.

    • Yes, the bedroom gets the early morning sun in both winter and summer. It is lovely in winter as the sun comes right in but very, very hot in summer. The window faces 60 degrees east of north.

  4. Hi @Apples and @Marg51510 I’ve only just started so I’ve not got very far with my challenges so far, but I have started my search for that cling-film-like stuff that you can use instead of double glazing. It’s for the window by our front door which lets in a lot of heat (or cold) since it faces west.

  5. I would love to know what the window cling plastic is when you find it. It is so expensive to retrofit double glazing. I saw something at the show last year (didn’t get there this year) where you could get panels and frames that use magnetism to keep them in place. Looks good.

  6. Hi @Marg51510 that magnetic double glazing sounds like a great idea.

    The film stuff is a bit like cling film but it won’t stick by itself, so you need to use tape. Once it’s stuck you stretch it into shape by heating it with a hairdrier. The best description I could find was from New Zealand, but they say it costs from NZ$25-45 per window. Here’s the link: http://www.350.org.nz/our-projects/Window-insulation-kits

    Incidentally, if you include someone’s username with @ infront of it when you post (eg. @SRiver ), they will get an email telling them you mentioned them. It’s handy for letting people know you’re ‘talking’ to them.

  7. Hi @Marg51510 and @SRiver that blow-dried cling film is the stuff I’m after. I want to see what sort of difference it makes before I think about putting the real thing in – temporary or otherwise and this seems like the simplest and cheapest way to find out.

    Unless anyone knows any other way to do it…

  8. Hi @March, this is a little late, but Lish at GIY has a demo on using clear comfort – they’re Australian, and may be cheaper than the NZ version. You can see how it’s done here: http://greenityourself.com.au/topics/windows.
    (@sriver, @apples & @Marg51510; if you haven’t gone ahead already, this may be helpful for you, too :)

  9. Hi @ecoaction that’s great, thanks for letting me know about it. And thanks for finding an Australian product too. GIY is a great website, it’s a wonder I hadn’t heard of it before, but I’ll definitely be visiting it a lot now.

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