The new top ten

February 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

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Now that the Challengers who started in October or November last year have finished the leaderboard looks very different. Have a look at the new top ten, you might be surprised to see where you are:

1. @SrappyKat – 5490 points
2. @SRiver – 3120 points
3. @klv9 – 2820 points
4. @Apples – 2000 points
5. @Woyapp – 1820 points
6. @MinnieMouse2012 – 1020 points
7. @Marg51510 – 900 points
8. @CJTaylor – 870 points
9. @momentarium – 620 points
10. @JEHTaylor – 600 points

As you can see this round is wide open for anyone to win, so now’s your opportunity to get out there and let us know how your sustainable new year is going.

To help you along, here’s a couple of tips to help you pile on those points:

If you want to comment on anyone’s post but can’t see an option, click on their name and select ‘comment’ from their activity list.

And, for those who are new to the Carbon Challenge, here’s a guide to blogging in three easy steps:
1 – log in
2 – click on your user name on the right hand side of the screen
3 – select ‘write blog’ from the buttons underneath your user name. Easy!

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