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February 28, 2013 in Blog


Hi @Woyapp

What we’re after with the electricity bills is proof that things like the Carbon Challenge really do help people reduce their energy use. So anything you can provide us that helps with that would be very gratefully received

If you’ve moved house we’d still like to see your bills, but perhaps you can also include a few lines that would allow us to work out whether any reduction between the bills is due to the Carbon Challenge (eg. if the two houses were very similar then any reduction would be down to your actions, so it would be great to know whether they’re comparable or not).

I hope this helps

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  1. Hi @ecoaction

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll hunt down my bills and get them to you!

  2. Hi @Woyapp

    That would be good. I’ll make sure you get the 500 points when they arrive.

    Incidentally, if you want to boost your points before you finish you can also upload a new avatar to your profile for100 points, 50 points for inviting a friend and 250 points if a friend signs up. Have a look at the Points Legend here: http://carbonchallenge.climatexchange.org.au/point-legend if you want to know more.

  3. Hi @Ecoaction

    I’ve uploaded my electricity bills from Feb 13 (most recent one) and for Nov 12. This was the best comparison I could provide. Reason being, for this period in 2012 I was living in a share house, hence have no access to the electricity bills.

    I think the bills I’ve uploaded show a good comparison because we would not have been using much heating throughout August-October, nor do we have air-conditioning to use throughout summer. Our cooking is Gas, so the fact that it was summer (and maybe less cooking) would not impact on energy consumption. Also, we don’t have a dryer, so the difference between summer days and winter/spring days also isn’t relevant. I think the difference is large enough that there is an obvious reduction in energy consumption.

    Hope this helps :)

  4. Hi @Woyapp

    Thanks for letting me know, I’ll add your points on now.

    It certainly looks like a big reduction, so well done, you must be very pleased. Could you tell me a bit about what you’ve changed that has reduced your energy use?

  5. Hi @Ecoaction

    My partner has a computer connected to a large tv screen that gets a lot of use, he was leaving it on overnight for updates etc. so that was the first thing to change. Installing energy efficient lighting was another of the first things we did.

    Then we tried to reduce stand-by power by switching things off at the wall when we weren’t using them for longer periods. That seems to have made a difference.

    We also bought a shower timer to reduce shower times, and I managed to get my partner to start washing clothes on a cold cycle. Though, really, that just involves me doing most of the washing.

    We don’t have a dishwasher, but are currently looking at moving house and will hopefully have one there. I imagine that will reduce energy costs, even just slightly, by reducing our hot water usage.

    I can’t really think of anything else specific that we started doing. Like I said, cooking is gas, so that wouldn’t have made a difference at all.

  6. Hi @Woyapp

    Well done for all of those things. You might find that the dishwasher makes less difference than you think. It depends a lot on how you wash your dishes and how you use the dishwasher (eg. by opening it before it dries the dishes and letting them air dry). Here’s a link to an Australian website that has an interesting lot of comments on the subject: http://www.aussieslivingsimply.com.au/forum/water-conservation/27645-dishwasher-vs-handwashing

  7. Hi @SRiver

    Thanks for the info. I have to admit I haven’t done much research on it myself, I’ve been told by a few people in response to my lack of interest in dishwashers “But they use less water and power than washing dishes”.

    So I’ll have to have a look at that website.

    Thanks again!

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