Vege patch

March 2, 2013 in Blog

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Well my vege patch is going great guns. I well and truely need to get more beds going, as I have baby veges that will need to be planted out in a few weeks.

My baby lettuces are looking great, my tomatoes are growing, I have a couple of cucumbers coming along and my peas are starting to climb. My beans in my wicking pots are doing better than the ones in the bed, but I think I need to give everything another good feed.

I’m going to have to thin out my carrots soon too, and my broccoli and cauliflower (mini) seedlings as well.

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  1. Hi @ScrappyKat

    I can’t remember if I’ve told anyone before about our problem with our tomatoes. Well, the problems isn’t with the tomatoes really, it’s with the native rat that’s taken a fancy to them. We know it’s a native rat because it likes to trundle along our back fence in the evenings, which is remarkable given the number of cats that live nearby.

    At first we just thought the tomatoes were taking a long time to ripen, then we noticed the half-eaten tomatoes. Well, it was a good crop so there was no way we were just going to sit by and let it be eaten by one greedy rat-thing. First up we tried netting the tomatoes, but the rat just bit through the netting so we got a bit more drastic.

    The tomatoes are now completely encased in chook wire, although the rat has found its way in a couple of times, but with a bit of hunting about we’ve found the holes and plugged them. It looks like we may be winning as the tomatoes are ripening quite nicely now, but then we’ve thought that before.

    It’s gone after our favorite, big, red, sweet Brandywine tomatoes now – they’re about half a kilo each. We can’t net them in any practical way, so we’re trying something else – sticking them in stockings and seeing if that deters the little so&so. So far it seems to be working.

    Wish me luck…

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