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Last week

March 7, 2013 in Blog

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So here we are in the last week of the Carbon Challenge. I personally think 12 weeks has gone way too quickly. Though it may have been quicker for me than some as I’m also expecting my first child (so lots has been happening).

It’s an exciting time for me, particularly as I will hopefully now use the skills and wisdom gained from the CC to help raise my child to be an environmentally aware person.

I hope others have gained as much as I have from this challenge. From the workshops(permaculture and natural garden pest control), to the SEE-Change group I have become a part of, to the increased awareness of how my choices impact the world.

I look forward to using these skills forever more.

Take care everyone!

1 comment to 'Last week'

  1. I just discovered that my journey officially ends next week too. We didn’t manage to reduce our power unfortunately, I’m going to have to look closer at that one, but I have learned to garden, been on great courses, and am eating lovely food grown at home. We are also producing less waste, especially food waste. Its been well worth it.

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