cosying up with a good window treatment

May 1, 2012 in Blog


I’ve been asked loads of questions about window treatments after making a blind for my rental. So.
I made a swedish blind out of an old quilt (doona). It worked really well, but the quilt is not the best way to go – kind of bulky and the fill moves around.
So the next one I make I’ll use some curtain material I got at the YWCA garage sale with something funkier on the front. Mine fit behind the curtain, for double-layered winter goodness.
I used these instructions:

For a how to make blinds that are moisture proof & insulated, there are some great ideas here:
More ideas here: (yes, I know it’s called mother earth news)

You can also use two layers of thick curtains (pick up extras at the op shop, garage sales or tip shop) and put up behind the ones you’ve got.
I’m interested in getting some bubble wrap and putting it on the window next to our front door w double sided tape – you can’t see through the glass anyway, and the light will still come in. I’m also thinking of doing this in the bathroom – it won’t change our ability to open the window. This is meant to work really well.

I found a couple of honeycomb blinds at the tip shop. Both needed a scrub, and one I needed to restring, which was really easy. I hung them by running wire through the top of the blind and tying it to the venetian blind struts that were there. I’ll just swap them back when we move.
With that, blocking the room vents and making door snakes I’ll be most of the way there. After that, I’ll check for draughts from skirting boards etc using the incense stick trick.
Don’t forget to block the top of the curtain or it’ll be a chimney to suck out your warm air & replace it with cold. Pool noodles, cardboard, polystyrene, anything you can stick over the gap between the curtain/blind and the window will help.
Loving the cosy & keeping the heater turned to 4 instead of 7 :) If you want to do any of this yourself & think I can help, let me know.

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  1. @Genevieve just found your blog and I am keen on the idea of sticking bubble wrap on the windows. This would act a bit like double glazing. I have heard of this being used on green houses in England so they should work. Unfortunately the cold weather is nearly over but I will have to try this next winter.

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