Harvest Festival this Saturday, 12 – 4pm

March 20, 2013 in Blog


Hi everyone, the 5th annual Canberra Harvest Festival is on this Saturday from 12-4pm. Come along for a feast of food, stalls and music. Here’s the poster:

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  1. Hi @ecoaction I’ll be there. I want to check out all the stalls because I heard such great things about the Night Elves market back in December but didn’t get the chance to go along.

    Will anyone else be there too?

  2. Hi @Apples and @ecoaction I’ll be there too. I went along to the Night Markets, which were great. Lots of people and a really nice feel under the trees. Lots of cool stalls too. I’m hoping to find some gifts just in time for Easter.

  3. Oh hi @SRiver

    I was hoping to do some Easter shopping too. There’s only so much chocolate you can eat, I find. So it’s good to get people other things.

    They say it’ll be a beautiful day too.

  4. Hi @Apples

    If you didn’t already know there’s a list of stalls on the Ecoaction website with links to some of their websites at: http://www.ecoaction.com.au/events/harvest-festival-2013/. It looks like there’ll be some really interesting stalls there.

  5. Hi @SRiver @Apples and @Ecoaction I’m hoping to get there too, it’s a good fit with all the Earth Hour stuff that’s happening later too.

  6. Hi all, I went along to the Harvest Festival and had a great time. Great weather, great music, great stalls. And I came away with a gibbon (thanks The Orang Utan Project), so my day was complete!

  7. Hi @Sriver and @Apples I was there too. Anywhere where you can get garlic, honey mead and great apes all in the one place is fine by me. But seriously, I had a great time wandering around, sampling the goodies on offer and just chilling out on a beautiful autumn’s afternoon.

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