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The end

April 10, 2013 in Blog

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Hi all,

I’ve finished the Carbon Challenge. It was actually a couple of days ago, but didn’t realise until now, so I thought I’d send my final thoughts anyway.

It really doesn’t seem like 3 months have gone already. Or perhaps I’m just making an excuse for the things I didn’t get around to doing (like joining Freecycle for instance, but I’ll get that done soon, I promise).

It was a really good time to try to eat seasonally and locally, what with this being a pretty good year in the garden, so there was tons of tomatoes, zucchini, beans, cucumbers and basil, all very local. We get our other veggies delivered now, which I realise only means that they’re more local than getting them from Coles or Woolies, it’s not the Farmers’ Market or Choku Bai Jo, but it’s a start.

I haven’t insulated the windows yet, but I know how I’m going to do it, maybe I get a few brownie points for that.

But even though I haven’t achieved all of my challenges, I did change the way I did some things (like switching off appliances at the wall), so I’m sure that my carbon footprint has got smaller, though perhaps not by any measurable amount. So I’m really glad I did the Carbon Challenge it’s helped to open my eyes to a lot of things that I never even thought about before.

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