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Brrrr-ike riding!

May 10, 2012 in Blog


Any other cyclers been feeling the nippy cold lately?

When I challenged myself to riding more frequently for the Carbon Challenge I hadn’t considered the impending winter, It’s my first winter in Canberra and each morning I am genuinely surprised at how cold it is. Surely it can’t get any worse!?!

When I set off on my bike at the fresh temperature of 5′C the other morning… I thought to myself ‘WHAT AM I DOING!?! This is CRAZY!’. And it reminded me of just how easy it is for people to get the bus or drive to work. Cycling during winter is tough. Not only do your thighs feel numb and your eyes turn into waterfalls, it literally feels like your fingers are about to drop off.

But the funny this is, if you push through the first 3 minutes everything becomes easier. The thighs de-frost, the eyes dry-up and the fingers regain consciousness and mobility. Then suddenly it feels like you’re on top of the world (I suspect this is the endorphins). At the risk of soundy incredibly corny, when I reach this point I literally feel unstoppable.

Whenever I’m tired or cold and start to question whether I should cycle to work , I keep reminding myself of that terrific moment when it all becomes worth it. And very suddenly my motivation returns. In fact, lately I’ve found the only way to keep warm in the mornings is to jump on my bike and hit the road.

I committed to cycling more often to reduce my carbon footprint. But as the challenge has continued, I’m finding there are so many more hidden benefits. There are the obvious health and cost benefits, but it’s the psychological changes that’s surprising me the most.

At the end of the day, if I can cycle to work during Canberra’s icy cold winer and still thoroughly love it… imagine how fabulous summer will be.

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  1. Nice work @Ebony! I found pocket hand warmers extremely useful when riding in Canberra’s cold winter. They’re really good for when you reach your destination & want to defrost, & better still, they can be reused by boiling them to redissolve the crystals.

  2. @Ebony – look at you persevering through the freeeeezing cold mornings! Inspiration to me to do the same! Those hand warmers that @lucinda mentioned sound great – will have to get me some of those.

  3. The Kathmandu sales are on again! 3 pairs of reusable pocket hand warmers for $20 – great for Canberra’s cold winter mornings… :-)

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