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Worm Farming

May 14, 2012 in Blog


Attended the workshop on worm farming last night and I just wanted to rush home when finished and attend to my worms which I learned have not had ideal conditions to perform at their best.
Today first up I applied what I had learned and improved the living conditions of my little composters reaping a couple of litres of worm tea.
This gave me heaps to dilute and give all my bits and pieces in the garden a tea drink. Hope to see great results from my salad seedlings and sweet peas for spring colour among other things.
Thank you Sonya, it was a very beneficial workshop and the worms will live more happily from here on in.

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  1. Hi @Carol, I’m so glad you found the worm-farming workshop useful! I’m sure you’re going to take very good care of your worms from here on in and that you’ll be rewarded with lush fertile compost and liquid fertiliser in return! The compost will be a great way to build up your soil health too…

    • I am sure they are much happier now after putting some water over the top and aerating with a wide pronged tool as well as not having the whole area covered in a thick layer of newspaper. Little things maybe, but they can make a difference. Also, put the kitchen scraps through the blender so they don’t have to work as hard on these cooler wintry days.

  2. Joh said on July 29, 2012

    Does anyone have any experience with the breeding cycle of worms? I had to move my worm farm a few months ago.In doing so, a friend removed a lot of the castings and spread them around my garden. However, i think a lot of the worms may have gone with the castings. I found about three worms in the worm farm after this. Now, I have hundreds of little tiny which things wriggling around in the worm farm. According to this site http://www.worm-farming.com/worm-life-cycle.html they MAY be baby worms , but have also been told that they may be scarab grubs. Any advice would be appreciated.

  3. @Carol Just found your blog. I am very interested in starting a worm farm (part of my challenge). What sort of farm do you have? Are compost worms OK as I have lots? Do you use the wet newspaper instead of a worm blanket? Is it OK to add dog pooh to the worm farm or is this no good if you are using it for the vege garden? Hope there is another workshop coming up soon!!

    • Hi @wombat01@Carol actually attended one of the CEC’s Composting workshops (there’s one coming up on Weds 12th Sept :) ) and having sat through a couple of these workshops myself I can let you know that Compost worms are fabulous… apparently a worm blanket is more effective than wet newspaper as wet newspaper doesn’t allow as much air/oxygen to circulate (which is important for worms), and no I wouldn’t add dog poop to a worm farm (especially if you only have one and you are going to use it on your veggie garden). The CEC also sells reduced price worm farms to the general public, visit http://www.ecoaction.com.au/category.php?id=137

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