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May 14, 2012 in Blog


I’m getting my winter veg garden ready, but am going to be away for July & August. Any suggestions on the best vegs to plant that will be ready from late August on?

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  1. These are the toughest months for vegie gardening in Canberra, with frosts, cool days and dryer weather. If you want a speedy retun look to plant in a mini tunnel of plastic, in soil places in foam boxes that insulates to keep the sooil warm. You can add some pretty ripe compost to the bottom of the box first that generates its own heat.

  2. That’s an excellent idea! Do you use those white polystyrene boxes veggies come packed in? Do you colour them black to absorb more heat? Are they up on bricks to drain or just sitting on the soil? I’m keen to try this out, never thought of it :)

  3. Hi! Check out the Canberra planting guide from the ACT greens here:
    I have also found the gardenate site ( extremely comprehensive.

    As for what exactly to grow as mentioned by previous posters you can do some really interesting things to extend your growing season. So it depends on how much effort you want to expend as well as the microclimate of your growing area.

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